Sirap is one of the most qualified fresh food packaging producers in Europe. It is 100% controlled by Italmobiliare, an Italian holding listed on the Milan stock exchange

  • Sirap 2017 Proforma

    • Turnover: € 290 m

    • 1.450 employees

    • 13 production plants

    • 22 companies in 18 countries

    A complete network dedicated to the world of packaging. Sirap has the packaging solution for your needs, and can customize its offerings according to your needs.
  • Group Structure


    Sirap develops innovative solutions for all fresh food packaging needs: rigid containers in XPS (polystyrene foam), PET and PP (polypropylene) for all food applications. It provides a wide range of trading products for the fresh food industry and for retail applications (films, containers, machineries, accessories).

    Sirap’s activity: more than packaging. A true team of professionals working together to better support all customers, collaborating to achieve objectives and produce results. Design, production and much more: continuous direct and daily customer assistance throughout Europe.
    More Than Packaging

    Sirap's production activities make use of 13 factories in Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and Hungary, with a double benefit for the customer: any necessary back-up production operations can be implemented immediately throughout Europe. Furthermore, close proximity cuts down on transportation costs.

    Close proximity to customers is a key point for Sirap, which operates sales companies in 18 countries and has representatives (agents and distributors) in every major European country. The ultimate goal is always customer service: continuous availability and close proximity at every step of the way.