Our skills

More than packaging

Food packaging professionals work for Sirap, all committed to meeting the daily needs of customers and quickly providing the best solutions in a relationship of true partnership.
Here's what they can do for you:

  • Find new ways to extend the shelf life of your food products.
  • Develop new packaging proposals to differentiate and improve your supply.
  • Improve the performance of your already existing packaging.
  • Support you in selecting the most suitable containers, films, gas mixtures and packaging machineries.

The product step by step

Sirap is able to rapidly provide a variety of new solutions designed specifically for your needs.  

The entire process of product development is managed internally, from the original idea to the finished product   

Creative support
The experience of Sirap specialists is valuable for identifying new packaging ideas and for proposing designs for the finished product.  

Dynamic 3D vision Software
Before deciding on the final packaging, you can view a 3D visualization of the finished product.

Specific prototypes
Sirap quickly creates packaging prototypes with plastic materials.   

Customized molds
With our internal mould workshop (or in cooperation with selected partners) we can guarantee confidentiality and complete coherence between the design, development of the mould and industrial thermoforming of the ultimate packaging, as agreed upon with the customer.   

All-inclusive after-sales service
Sirap offers the full range of services from the packaging development stage, to logistics and transport optimization, up to codesign of the final packaging, according to the automation needs at the packaging lines. Sirap specialists will be present at every stage: design of the packaging, selection of the most suitable closure film, optimization of the gas mixture, selection of packaging machines and of all the other components that guarantee the best final product.