Online along with the needs of our customers

Sirap launches new websites of the Group’s local offices. It is a content and graphic renewal for Italy (www.sirapgema.it) and a brand new website for France (www.sirapgema.fr). 

Now users have a simple, intuitive and colourful graphic interface at their disposal designed to improve web surfing. All sections’ contents have been enriched, with information related to the company, to the Group's philosophy, but above all to the products, thanks to the complete catalogue available online. In addition, the innovative customized packaging service has been implemented.
A fresh, simple and linear graphic to enhance the contents and product’s images.
The possibility to consult information, news, software updates and the complete catalogue of all the products, divided by lines and categories.
Contents, images, services, everything is designed in order to promote higher interactivity.
Just a simple click in order to request customized packaging to suit your needs.