Onboarding Sirap.

An entire day, within the walls of an ancient castle.

The first edition of the Onboarding took place on May 29, at Padernello’s castle, for all people who started working from Sirap from 2015 to nowadays. This experience is the starting point of a bigger project of development, growth and dialogue, that will be replicated every year and in all companies of the Group. During that day, we had the opportunity to get to know each other and to share future goals and projects, thanks to the planned teamworks and moments of self-introduction.
The conversations arose interesting aspects and we can proudly say that Sirap is considered as a dynamic, stimulating and sympathetic environment, oriented towards innovation. As our CEO says “we have to start disobeying in an intelligent way!” so all newcomers’ suggestions will be taken into account as important and useful tips to build an even stronger company.