Stop liquids (and clamp down on emissions).
This is the mission, simple and decisive, of the JSquare containers for cold food, fruit and vegetables.

Liquid Proof is the acronym that describes the main benefit of the JSquare line, a range of containers with a hinged lid (OPS and PET9, with different capacities: 250, 375, 500, 740. 1000cc). Which is the main use? The packaging of cold delicatessen, biscuits, fruit and vegetables, thanks to the closure with maximum seal to liquids. Sirap has designed a range able to bring benefits not only to the final consumer, but also to the entire chain. The structure of the container has small encumbrance and a stacking that allows to load in a rational way the carton, then the pallet, the truck or the container. From production to delivery, this feature leads to save more than 7,000 kg of CO2 per 1 million containers sold. And the newness not only travels in the world of rigid materials, but also in that of the foamed and systems.