Between restyling and newness.
With the renewal of the logo and of the corporate image, Sirap gives way to innovation in communications

It all begins with the logo, the first company symbol. Sirap chose a renewal that has made it more agile and versatile, ready to follow the international company in all its ups and downs. The symbol represents the typical leaf ironing stage after extrusion. But smears are not allowed. Everything is contained in a geometric shape, complemented by a sentence that is a real mission: Sirap. More than packaging. In fact it is in the mission of Sirap to go beyond the simple product and also provide the customer with a strong and concrete planning assistance, logistics, after-sales. For a customized service and for trust. All this is mentioned in the new site, online from October 2015 and dedicated to present the products and services for all Sirap customers. The logo and website have been made with the cooperation of the leaders of all the European subsidiaries. The agency Huovo srl of Milan is coodinating and performing the work.