Innovation at Sirap is at the very heart of our way of doing things and all of our activities. This is manifested in our daily commitment to being innovative in our approaches and in our relationships with customers and partners. Sirap has developed a creative and open approach for each topic: products, processes, applications and personnel management.


Most customers are looking for a reliable partner. In every situation, as it selects suppliers and materials, Sirap works with this aim in mind by reviewing the entire production and logistics cycle. We not only provide customers with professional competence and high quality products, but we also provide them with the best service, ready to meet their needs on a daily basis, and always with a smile.


At Sirap, passion drives all that we do. Passion is pride in our own work, the desire to excel and to contribute to the achievement of company goals as entrepreneurs and innovators. Our passion is working together in a culture of continuous improvement of our own performance and the development of our own ideas, with the primary aim of satisfying our clients' needs.


Trust is a matter of respect, loyalty, social responsibility and transparency.
Sirap’s personnel are committed to:
  • the customer: by assuring quality, service and reliability.
  • the environment: by constant improvement of our eco-sustainability programme.
  • our employees: by respecting diversity and ensuring a positive and safe work environment. Our daily task is to have Zero Accidents.
  • the company: by fighting corruption and promoting respect among colleagues


Working together is a key value for a truly international group. We believe in synergy both inside and outside the company. Within Sirap, we must strive toward the same objectives at any level by helping each other and sharing thoughts, information and skills. Outside of Sirap, we work to build effective partnerships with our customers and to create value for all involved.