Workshop: 'The hot ready meals experience'

Workshop: 'The hot ready meals experience'


Objective: to redesign the experience of hot ready meals, with a specific focus on packaging. The entire initiative, called “Sirap University”, has reached its second edition.

After a careful organization work that involved managers from Sirap and Esselunga, consultants and teachers, the kick-off of the workshop brought the 27 students of the Master in direct contact with the two promoting companies.
After a first guided tour of one of Esselunga's most innovative stores, where the preparation, display and sale of ready meals were presented, the students visited the Castelbelforte plant to observe the production processes and touch with hand materials and products.

The students, at first, carried out research and market analysis on Hot Ready Meals and hypothesized scenarios of purchase and consumption. Subsequently, they moved on to the solution design phase. During all the research and planning steps, interspersed with the contributions of professionals of the Retail industry, the students were assisted every day by Sirap Business Development team and by university tutors.
On May 22nd, after three intense weeks of work, the students presented their work to Sirap and Esselunga, to the great satisfaction of both parties.

The second phase of work is starting now: some of the students will be asked to develop their solutions in a 3-months internship in the company.
We’d like to thank the guys from the Master in Strategic Design and we wish them a good job for the following phases!