D.edge® is a patented technology that allows a reduction in the amount of raw material used for the production of containers, while maintaining the highest standards of food protection and preservation. Designed using Eco-design, D.edge® redefines the standards of sustainable design. Each phase is optimised: from the use of raw material to logistics and recyclability.

Made from
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for your



Better performance than an equivalent container not processed using D.edge® technology.

The estimated emissions saving for every million trays produced is equivalent to the yearly emissions of 100 city cars.
-10% Raw material (PET)*
-9% Global warming potential*
-23gof CO2 emitted per tray*

*Average data - Internal LCA analysis

Made from recycled material

and recyclable

Compared to a 100% virgin PET package, a D.edge® packaging (containing a minimum of 50% of R-PET from post-consumption) avoids 35% of greenhouse gas emissions which contributes to global warming, for an amount of 23g of CO2 equivalent saved for each container produced (*)

(*) Calculations referring to the medium product of the SD500 range

A diamond

for your food

A complete, elegant and sustainable range of packaging for many uses. The D.edge® line of packaging is made using antifog technology, is stackable and easy to open and close.

Discover what’s new in the Gastronomy and Bakery products range!

Salad Line

Article Dimension(mm) Height (mm) Volume (ml) Material Information
SD0250 111x106 66 250 R-PET square
SD0375 123x118 80 375 R-PET square
SD0500 133x128 86 500 R-PET square
SD0750 147x142 100 750 R-PET square
SD1000 160x155 112 1000 R-PET square

Bakery Line

Article Dimension(mm) Height (mm) Volume (ml) Material Information
DL170B 200x195 20 170x170 R-PET square base
DL170/50 200x195 36 170x170x50 R-PET lid for DL170B
DL170/60 200x195 46 170x170x60 R-PET lid for DL170B
DL170/80 200x195 66 170x170x80 R-PET lid for DL170B
DL170/100 200x195 86 170x170x100 R-PET lid for DL170B
DL200B 230x225 20 200x200 R-PET square base
DL200/60 230x225 46 200x200x60 R-PET lid for DL200B
DL200/80 230x225 66 200x200x80 R-PET lid for DL200B
DL200/100 230x225 86 200x200x100 R-PET lid for DL200B
DL220B 245x250 20 220x220 R-PET square base
DL220/60 245x250 46 220x220x60 R-PET lid for DL220B
DL220/80 245x250 66 220x220x80 R-PET lid for DL220B
DH140.50/50 166x81 50 140x50 R-PET rectangular
DH140.50/65 166x81 65 140x50 R-PET rectangular
DH160.110/65 183x139 65 160x110 R-PET rectangular
DH180.90/60 205x115 60 180x90 R-PET rectangular
DH180.90/100 205x116 100 180x90 R-PET rectangular
DH200.100/70 229x129 70 200x100 R-PET rectangular
DH SLICE - 50 175x120 R-PET triangular

Gastro Line

Article Dimension(mm) Height (mm) Volume (ml) Material Information
SDR550F 190x140 35 550 R-PET rectangular
SDR750F 190x140 51 750 R-PET rectangular
SDR1000F 190x140 66 1000 R-PET rectangular
SD0250F 111x106 50 250 R-PET square
SD0375F 123x118 60 375 R-PET square
SD0500F 133x128 65 500 R-PET square
SD0750F 147x142 73 750 R-PET square
SD1000F 160x155 84 1000 R-PET square


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