Ocean Bound plastic packaging

Acting on the origin of marine litter is one of the pillars of our sustainability strategy.
82% of plastic waste spills in the marine environment are attributable to countries on the Asian continent (Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation), mainly due to a lack of effective collection and recycling infrastructure and systems, which drive populations to use rivers and landfills as the only ways of disposal.

We intervene at the origin with a line created ad hoc: Ocean’s

Ocean’s is a new packaging line made using certified Ocean Bound PET, circular plastic recovered from communities that live within 50 km of the coast, in areas where the risk of plastic ending up dispersed in the ocean is very high.
This product allows us to support these communities by generating several positive impacts:
  • we prevent the dispersion of plastic into the environment;
  • we stimulate the local economy, which is often in trouble;
  • we start a circular economy of recycled plastic;
  • we provide our customers with an innovative packaging solution.

The collected and properly treated material is fully traceable via blockchain and is sent to our plants and converted into new packaging.
Ocean's design and brand imitates the surface of the sea, creating a strong and recognisable identity linked to the waters on the planet. Transparent and monomaterial, Ocean’s packaging is easy to recycle.

Best Circular Economy Performer '19 -'20
The Ocean's project achieved second place in two categories (Large Manufacturing Company / Special Award 4.Manager - Skills for Sustainability) in Confindustria’s competition.

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