Meat & Fish

Meat & Fish

Quality packaging for quality products
Noble foods deserve to be presented properly. That’s why we provide a wide range of solutions in foam and rigid material, designed for meat and fish of all kinds. The containers are analysed in detail to ensure maximum protection, versatility and functionality in each phase of the packaging lines, from destacking through to transportation to the sales point. We’re able to develop tailor-made solutions in line with Eco-design criteria and existing packaging systems quickly.

NEW: Now also available in the new patented D.edge® line, designed according to Eco-design criteria.
Absolute lightness! Little raw material and high mechanical performance for all packaging lines. Low environmental impact and self-absorption are the recognized and appreciated plusses. The breadth of the range covers all product and preparation needs (elaborate, breaded, classic cuts) and is suitable for any process (wrapping with stretch film, MAP and SKIN).

High performance with minimal use of raw materials, thanks to the new registered D-edge® design, made using Eco-design. The high content of recycled PET further improves its environmental footprint without compromising its transparency and resistance.
The offering is completed by stretch film and a wide range of Freshplus® solutions for heat sealing technology for MAP and SKIN.
Rigid and foam
High performance
Skin and map


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