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The new 2019 Sustainability Report is online


It is with great pleasure and pride that we present the first 'Sustainability Report' of Sirap group, a work strongly desired by the Management to transparently describe our profile and the four-year 2020-2023 commitment to sustainable development, for the benefit of our employees and our stakeholders.

Ethics and social responsibility have always distinguished our Group, and today, in a historical moment in which humanity is facing the great challenges dictated by climate change, we want to be protagonists in the transition of our sector towards the Circular Economy. And we want to testify it with a concrete and high-value tool, which we created with the important contribution of the ALTIS team, 'High School of Business and Society' of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Milan).

The ambitious European recycling targets for plastic packaging and Circular Economy policies ('EU Plastics Strategy in a Circular Economy', 2018) are in line with our research and innovation activities. We aim to improve the end-of-life of our products and raise awareness among citizens to collect and recycle while remaining in harmony with the environment. We face the challenges of the present with determination and proceed with confidence towards a sustainable future for us and for society as a whole.

Download the sustainability report.