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Sirap launches Ocean’s


Ocean’s is the new packaging line made with certified PET Ocean Bound, a circular plastic recovered by communities that live within 50 km of the coast, in areas where there is a high risk of plastic ending up dispersed in the ocean.

Ocean’s is a 360 ° solution, designed to act at the origin of the marine litter problem. It is a certified and traceable system via blockchain that also allows you to generate new jobs in areas with the highest rate of plastic pollution.

The goal is to increase the demand for this type of recycled plastic, stimulating the local economy towards investments in waste collection and transformation infrastructures that would allow stopping the marine litter phenomenon at the origin.

The company that decides to purchase our Ocean’s packaging will be able to make its direct contribution to this cause, actively participating in the transition to the circular economy.

Ocean's design and registered trademark imitate the surface of the sea, creating a strong and recognizable identity linked to the waters of the planet. Ocean's packaging is easily recyclable.

Contact us to find out more, our staff will be available to explain the dynamics and advantages that this type of solution can give to the environment and business.