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D.edge® - The first Sirap EPD has been published. The Environmental Product Declaration


The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a declaration, created voluntarily, which clearly describes the environmental impacts associated with the production of a product or service. This document is prepared based on the life cycle analysis (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment), which defines the consumption of resources (materials, water, energy) and the impacts on the environment in the various stages of a product's lifecycle.

In the context of the transparency of our environmental footprint, and in line with the sustainability objectives that the Group has set itself, we announce the publication of the first Sirap EPD. This EPD is about the new salad range of D.edge®, Sirap’s eco-designed containers.

Producing EPD allows us to be transparent and to communicate to our stakeholders, in an objective and certified way, the environmental performance of Sirap products. Each EPD, in fact, is strictly regulated and, before each publication, is carefully reviewed by an independent body, which certifies its compliance with the regulations.

This EPD is part of a joint project by the Pro Food Group, a trade association that brings together most of the companies in our sector, and follows the publication of the first sector EPD on plastic packaging for fresh food, to which Sirap has directly contributed. The Pro Food EPD is available for download at
The data contained in these EPDs make it possible to feed the dialogue, on an objective and scientific basis, on the real environmental contributions of packaging solutions. We provide stakeholders and decision-makers with a document that allows them to accompany the decision-making process on the future of food packaging, trusting that this discussion can travel to tables that use a common and regulated language, also concerning other packaging materials.

Our EPD is available for download at also reachable via QR code.

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