The Sirap method of sustainable design


The Sirap method of sustainable design

Ecodesign means designing a product while minimising its environmental impact, taking into consideration every phase of its life cycle, from the supply of raw materials to logistics, right up to the end of its service life.

It starts with analysing the customer's needs
The goal is to find the best solution in terms of the customer's wishes, the packaging’s properties of preservation and environmental benefits.

Following careful LCA analysis, we determined the most effective design guidelines for the Group, in particular to optimise our production, increasing the amount of post-consumer recycled PET and implementing 4 fundamental rules for eco-design:

1. Reduce the weight of packaging without compromising its ability to protect and preserve food;
2. Design for recycling, promoting solutions that can be easily managed by waste management facilities;
3. Optimise logistics under all aspects;
4. Search for eco-friendly features, accessories included.

End-of-life optimisation
To ensure that our containers are managed properly at end of life, we work continuously on the creation of a network that involves the entire waste management supply chain. In particular, with selection facilities, manufacturers of separation machines, recyclers, industrial associations and institutions.

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